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your partner for reactive resin application

technologies, production automation

and material handling -

we know how it works! 

About Us

Industrial usage of cast resins is becoming increasingly extensive, from protecting sensitive components, improving their performance and extending their life time, to replacing more traditional materials with composites (FRPs) to reduce weight, whilst increasing robustness, stiffness and durability of mechanical devices at the same time.

Many product designers, engineers and production staff have to deal with these new applications more and more, have to determine the appropriate material with the right properties, have to define the necessary processes and to select the right systems suitable for production.


Windsys Solutions is your ideal partner to provide professional support and consultation to enable you to integrate new and innovative processes into your production.


Through our experience and competence and through a network of highly reputable partners and suppliers, we can support you from the start of your project to reaching mass production. Our service portfolio includes finding the best solution from part design optimization, materials selection to prototype and first sample parts manufacturing. Once processes are defined, we support you to select the most efficient and economic design of complete production lines. 



Dieter Wingel


Dieter Wingel